Sourdough Cherry-Cream Cheese Danishes

Oh these are sooooo sinful!! Lately I’ve been thinking about what other pastries I can make with my laminated dough. I decided I’d try to make danishes. The only difference in the dough is that I laminated with two letter folds as opposed to a book fold and a letter fold (9 layers of butterContinue reading “Sourdough Cherry-Cream Cheese Danishes”

(Inadvertent) Sourdough Proving Experiment

Ok … yet another (inadvertent) experiment on my sourdough bread proving method. The experiment was prompted by my company having an all-weekend virtual offsite (aka Zoom marathon) I followed my normal method and had my bread going into a cold bulk ferment Friday evening. Saturday was a full day and not my normal pattern. IContinue reading “(Inadvertent) Sourdough Proving Experiment”

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

Thought I’d make some Sourdough Cinnamon rolls today doing a riff off the King Arthur Cinnamon Roll recipe. We had some friends coming over after church and I thought I’d make some to share. That way I’d not have too many left and eat them all myself! My riff was adding 35g of my sourdoughContinue reading “Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls”

Bi-Color Croissants – 1st Attempt

Thought I’d try making bi-color croissants. I saw this recipe and method from @booksforchefsofficial book “All About Croissants”. This recipe / method is yeast-based, not sourdough. it is also something that looked like it could be completed in a day. Let them prove about 2 hours and change. The yeasts dough proved faster (apparently) thanContinue reading “Bi-Color Croissants – 1st Attempt”

Sourdough – Trying Different Bulk Prove Method

Tried a new experimental with my bulk prove. Instead of my normal cold bulk for 24 hours I decided to bulk prove at 79°F in my proving box, shape then pick up my normal process again (e.g. cold retard in fridge overnight and bake the next morning) It was an experiment… Here is how theContinue reading “Sourdough – Trying Different Bulk Prove Method”

Roasted Red Pepper-Jarlsberg Cheese Sourdough

I’m trying out some new breads with inclusions. Thinking that I’d like to add some additional loaves to my repertoire and “dial them in”. Thought I’d try a roasted red pepper/Jarlsberg cheese recipe. The red pepper was intentional (went to store and bought a jar). The cheese not so much … I had a pieceContinue reading “Roasted Red Pepper-Jarlsberg Cheese Sourdough”

Cinnamon-Raisin Sourdough

I’m thinking about trying a series of sourdough breads with “inclusions”. There have been a number of different breads I’ve observed other bakers baking which look quite tasty. I’ve done Cheddar-Jalapeño. This time I thought I’d try Cinnamon-Raisin Both leverage lamination for the inclusions. The cheddar adds a bit of additional moisture to the equationContinue reading “Cinnamon-Raisin Sourdough”

Sourdough Batards – Different Scoring

Thought I’d try a different scoring technique on my Batards. I’ve been unhappy with my oven blooming as of late. Today I made an “S” with my lame. One of the loaves had just the “S”. The other I made a second pass undercutting it a bit more on the curves. Everything else about theContinue reading “Sourdough Batards – Different Scoring”

Trying Out My New Dough Sheeter

Today I tried out my new dough sheeter from Kneader Official. I’m very pleased with my first use! I bought the Dough Sheeter to improve my lamination consistency over what I’ve been able to achieve via hand-lamination. At first glance this will accomplish it quite nicely! I will certainly get better as I use andContinue reading “Trying Out My New Dough Sheeter”

Sourdough Croissant Proving Experiment

Decided today to experiment with my proving length. A while back I had inadvertently lengthened my proving time (at that point 2 hours) to 4 hours. Those croissants weren’t “ruined” and actually caused me to intentionally prove for that length of time for batches since then. Earlier this week I saw an Instagram post byContinue reading “Sourdough Croissant Proving Experiment”