Sourdough Cherry-Cream Cheese Danishes

Oh these are sooooo sinful!! Lately I’ve been thinking about what other pastries I can make with my laminated dough. I decided I’d try to make danishes. The only difference in the dough is that I laminated with two letter folds as opposed to a book fold and a letter fold (9 layers of butterContinue reading “Sourdough Cherry-Cream Cheese Danishes”

Bourbon Cherries

OK… I’ve started a blog about baking and perfecting sourdough and my very first post after introducing myself is about Bourbon Cherries! Why do this? It’s the height of cherry season I made a batch yesterday They go GREAT with cheesecake (which I made earlier this week). INGREDIENTS (per pint jar) Cherries (300g) Bourbon (240ml)Continue reading “Bourbon Cherries”