What a difference a week makes…

Paying attention to technique works! Currently I’m baking only once a week so my chance to “try again” comes once a week. Last week baked Batards for the first time in I don’t know how long. I’ve been focusing on Pullman loaves. The ear development didn’t come out as well as I desired. My hypothesisContinue reading “What a difference a week makes…”

Skills Get Rusty…

If you don’t practice your skills get rusty! I’ve not made Batards lately. I’ve been making Pullman loaves every week and not shaped and slashed Batards. Slashing needs to be at a shallow angle (16-20°) and NOT as vertical as I do with the Pullman loaves. The more vertical reduces the “ear” that is producedContinue reading “Skills Get Rusty…”

(Inadvertent) Sourdough Proving Experiment

Ok … yet another (inadvertent) experiment on my sourdough bread proving method. The experiment was prompted by my company having an all-weekend virtual offsite (aka Zoom marathon) I followed my normal method and had my bread going into a cold bulk ferment Friday evening. Saturday was a full day and not my normal pattern. IContinue reading “(Inadvertent) Sourdough Proving Experiment”

New Dough Sheeter!

I’m excited! Going to be upping my croissant lamination game. I received my new Kneader Official table dough sheeter from Japan yesterday! Here’s my unboxing… I was a bit disappointed in UPS’s handling of my package. The hole in the packaging went all the way thru and caused a small scratch on the cover. MinorContinue reading “New Dough Sheeter!”