Bi-Color Croissants – 1st Attempt

Thought I’d try making bi-color croissants.

Bi-color Croissant

I saw this recipe and method from @booksforchefsofficial book “All About Croissants”.

This recipe / method is yeast-based, not sourdough. it is also something that looked like it could be completed in a day.

Starting prove

Let them prove about 2 hours and change. The yeasts dough proved faster (apparently) than the sourdough croissants I’m used to. The two hours was in line with the method instructions in the book.

Croissants cooling

The first tray baked a bit faster than usually. Normally I’ve been baking at 385°F (convention) for 14 minutes. This profile baked the bottom a bit more than desired. I dialed back the temp 20 degrees and then watched the bake past 12 minutes.

It was fun to try a new recipe/method.


Thinking next time I’ll need to let them prove longer like I do my sourdough croissants. The interior was tight and didn’t have as much lamination evident. Patience Bear! Patience.

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Enterprise Transformation Consultant by day; Baker by night! Learning all the time! Iterative and incremental improvement always!

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