Trying a new method… (Part 3)

Today is bake day! I’m excited but also apprehensive. Not quite sure how this will turn out. The oven has been preheated to 420°F (convection) with my Dutch oven and Challenger Bread Pan inside. The dough has visibly risen and the “finger test” seems to indicate it’s ready to go. Concerned a bit about howContinue reading “Trying a new method… (Part 3)”

Trying a new method… (Part 2)

It’s Alive! (In my best Gene Wilder voice imitation from Young Frankenstein) The dough has more than doubled overnight. Last night it was at roughly 2 quarts. Now it is just over the 5 quart mark. I figure the dough weighed just over 3 kilograms based on my ingredient weight. I can as pretty closeContinue reading “Trying a new method… (Part 2)”

Turmeric-Cinnamon Sourdough (Part 1)

Thought I’d try my hand at a laminated sourdough leveraging some different techniques than I usually employ. These techniques involve adding Spelt flour, dividing the dough into two parts adding Turmeric to the second. I started by mixing the flour with water and letting it autolyse for 2 hours. I added sourdough levain and saltContinue reading “Turmeric-Cinnamon Sourdough (Part 1)”

Sourdough Technique Tweaks

Well… after that last bake I thought I’d try some tweaks to my technique. Probably should have reduced the elements I changed at once… Change #1 – Sourdough Starter. I’ve two (which I haven’t named yet). This was my second. Change #2 – Proofing. I did my normal 24 hour bulk fermentation prior to shaping.Continue reading “Sourdough Technique Tweaks”

Sourdough Bread: Something Is Wacked!

Well… I’ve not been happy with my bread bakes for the last two iterations. Something is out of wack! My oven bloom has been anemic… about half what I expect. Crumb is tighter and moist. Almost like it is over-proved. However, I’m not getting the larger bubbles of gas at top where I’ve weakened theContinue reading “Sourdough Bread: Something Is Wacked!”

“Expected” (Anticipated?) Results

It is amazing how one little change can yield a different result. As you may be aware, on my last Sourdough Batard bake I decided to throw a couple ice cubes into my Dutch Ovens to “aid” in the steaming of my crust. That choice DID NOT yield the results I expected. You can seeContinue reading ““Expected” (Anticipated?) Results”

Unexpected Results

On my last post I described how I take copious notes and document so that I can learn. Well…. Here’s an example of what I mean. Same Recipe and Method. Same Dutch Ovens. Same temps and timing. The ONLY change is that I threw in a couple ice cubes into the Dutch Oven as IContinue reading “Unexpected Results”

Basic Sourdough

Here is the basic recipe and method that I’ve developed to this point. It started out as a derivative of Paul Hollywood’s recipe for Basic Sourdough in his book How To Bake. INGREDIENTS Bread Flour 750g (I use #KingArthurBreadCompany, Sir Lancelot 14.2% Protein) Water, Filtered 440ml Levain, 500g, 100% Hydration Sea Salt, 18g The aboveContinue reading “Basic Sourdough”

Cheesy Sourdough

The other day I decided that I’d like to make some cheesy sourdough. I’ve been experimenting with my technique for bulk fermenting as well as looking at how to make more dough at the same time in my kitchen. This was a follow-on experiment I’d done with making four loaves at the same time. TwoContinue reading “Cheesy Sourdough”