Trying a new method… (Part 2)

It’s Alive! (In my best Gene Wilder voice imitation from Young Frankenstein)

The dough has more than doubled overnight. Last night it was at roughly 2 quarts. Now it is just over the 5 quart mark.

I figure the dough weighed just over 3 kilograms based on my ingredient weight. I can as pretty close when I weighed the bowl with the dough and then subtracted out the weight of the container. (Unfortunately, the pic didn’t capture the weight)

Weighing the dough

I poured the dough onto my counter and divided it into thirds. I used my container (after taring out the scale) to get them close to the same weight of just over a kilo each.

I found this moment to be interesting since the dough was stickier (higher hydration) than I’m used to with my previous loaves.

Preshaping was a bit of a challenge. I actually had to clean my hands and go look at one of my bread baking books which talked about high-hydration doughs. I was in the right direction so I moved on.

Once I got them preshaped I spritzed then dusted my bannetons, shaped my dough and plopped them in. The dough was VERY pillowy!

Now I’m going to let them cold prove at 37°F until tomorrow. I’m going to bake them directly from the fridge.

To be continued…

Published by Jim Hayden

Enterprise Transformation Consultant by day; Baker by night! Learning all the time! Iterative and incremental improvement always!

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