Turmeric-Cinnamon Sourdough (Part 2)

Today is bake day for my Turmeric-Cinnamon loaf experiment. I’ve baked my normal loaves first. A chia-covered Boule and a regular Batard. They came out nicely. As the loaves above were baking I pulled out the banneton with the Turmeric-cinnamon dough. As expected it wasn’t filling the banneton as full as the other loaves. IContinue reading “Turmeric-Cinnamon Sourdough (Part 2)”

Turmeric-Cinnamon Sourdough (Part 1)

Thought I’d try my hand at a laminated sourdough leveraging some different techniques than I usually employ. These techniques involve adding Spelt flour, dividing the dough into two parts adding Turmeric to the second. I started by mixing the flour with water and letting it autolyse for 2 hours. I added sourdough levain and saltContinue reading “Turmeric-Cinnamon Sourdough (Part 1)”

Sourdough Croissants – Pushing the Envelope

Today I “pushed the envelope” on my final proof. To be honest, this whole batch is going to be suspect. My head wasn’t in the game due to work commitments et al. Had a really difficult time focusing. As a result I was impatient in my butter lock-in and shattered the butter. My folding/lamination wasContinue reading “Sourdough Croissants – Pushing the Envelope”

Sourdough Croissant (Inadvertent) Experiment

Well … today is an (inadvertent) sourdough croissant experiment! The variable I adjusted was proving time. Basically I forgot I had them in bags proving and got buried in client calls. Two hours later I go “Oh no!” Normally I take my croissants out of the fridge where I had left them covered in theContinue reading “Sourdough Croissant (Inadvertent) Experiment”

Sourdough Boules

My latest experiment was looking at my bulk ferment process. My process for feeding my starter, making my biga, mixing etc all stayed the same. I bumped up my temp 4°F in my fridge drawer (33°F to 37°F). I also bulk fermented for 36 hours before dividing/shaping my loaves. This time I separated my loavesContinue reading “Sourdough Boules”

Sourdough Croissants

I’m working on my sourdough croissants technique. I’ve determined this is going to be a lifelong journey… For Christmas my wife gifted me Jimmy Griffin’s The Art of Lamination I’m experimenting with his lock-in and lamination technique. Another change he mentioned was allowing for the heat drop and “ice cube effect” of putting your trayContinue reading “Sourdough Croissants”

Sourdough Technique Tweaks

Well… after that last bake I thought I’d try some tweaks to my technique. Probably should have reduced the elements I changed at once… Change #1 – Sourdough Starter. I’ve two (which I haven’t named yet). This was my second. Change #2 – Proofing. I did my normal 24 hour bulk fermentation prior to shaping.Continue reading “Sourdough Technique Tweaks”

Sourdough Bread: Something Is Wacked!

Well… I’ve not been happy with my bread bakes for the last two iterations. Something is out of wack! My oven bloom has been anemic… about half what I expect. Crumb is tighter and moist. Almost like it is over-proved. However, I’m not getting the larger bubbles of gas at top where I’ve weakened theContinue reading “Sourdough Bread: Something Is Wacked!”

My Most Important Baking Implement

So I’ve a question… “What do you think is my most important baking implement?” I’ve asked that particular question to a number of folks over the years and I’ve heard answers from my convection oven, my mixer, dutch ovens, various pans or knives. All of these answers, while important to me are not the oneContinue reading “My Most Important Baking Implement”