Turmeric-Cinnamon Sourdough (Part 2)

Today is bake day for my Turmeric-Cinnamon loaf experiment.

I’ve baked my normal loaves first. A chia-covered Boule and a regular Batard. They came out nicely.

Regular sourdough loaves… NOT my experiment!

As the loaves above were baking I pulled out the banneton with the Turmeric-cinnamon dough. As expected it wasn’t filling the banneton as full as the other loaves. I expected this because the loaf weight was about 2/3 my other loaves. I also expected different results due to the added ingredients.

Out of fridge

However, this is where the “fun” began. The dough stuck to the cloth in the banneton! It was ugly!!

Ugly, degassed loaf!

Decided that I’d do a bit of reshaping into a boule / round, score and bake.

Popped into Dutch oven to bake. Lower time due to it being a smaller loaf.

Out of the Dutch Oven and continued baking on stone.

Well… THAT was an experiment. Not much oven bloom. Loaf was really dense and moist. Thinking under proved….

There are pockets of holes; however, I think they’re due to shaping at end and I captured pockets of air.

Taste is different. Not sure what I actually expected. No real cinnamon notes , but then again I’ve much more Turmeric in this attempt than I intended.

I am going to try lamination technique again in the future.

The journey continues…

UPDATE: My wife says the taste of the bread “has promise”. She also agreed on all my other observations. No admission of defeat. Will need to try again.

Oh… Turmeric does a nice job of staining my dish towels yellow!

Published by Jim Hayden

Enterprise Transformation Consultant by day; Baker by night! Learning all the time! Iterative and incremental improvement always!

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