Sourdough Croissant (Inadvertent) Experiment

Well … today is an (inadvertent) sourdough croissant experiment!

The variable I adjusted was proving time.

Basically I forgot I had them in bags proving and got buried in client calls. Two hours later I go “Oh no!”

Normally I take my croissants out of the fridge where I had left them covered in the morning, put them in proving bags for a couple of hours before baking.

Typically this is about 2.5 – 3 hours depending on my room ambient temperature.

Not this time!

I left them out over 5 hours!

They are certainly “proved”.

My 5-hour (over?) proved croissants

I baked at my normal 375°F (convection) 15 minutes.

Another small experiment was introduced because I forgot to remove the small pizza stone from my oven. Agggghhh!

First tray actually looks pretty good!

First tray out and cooling

I baked the second tray and got similar results.

All done baking.


Evidently I haven’t been proving long enough!!

Wow! I am thankful that I had this (inadvertent) experiment today!

Didn’t last long…

Published by Jim Hayden

Enterprise Transformation Consultant by day; Baker by night! Learning all the time! Iterative and incremental improvement always!

One thought on “Sourdough Croissant (Inadvertent) Experiment

  1. They look great! Impressive laminations!!

    I constantly underestimate proofing time! Mainly because I want to dive in and eat!

    I notice from your picture the inner coil of the croix in slumped towards the bottom. I remember being told this was from slightly over proofing. Personally I prefer over as under gives a very tight texture!

    I might give the baking stone a go…

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