Sourdough Croutons

Well … what to do with a loaf from a previous bake when you’d rather eat the one that is more recently baked?

Cut it up and attempt making sourdough croutons!

The loaf i used was leftover from the bake where I mentioned something was whacked.

It was the second of the two loaves and I didn’t feel good about giving it away.

This evening I was looking at it on my counter and “make croutons” came to mind.

Cut it into cubes (6 Cups?). Added 6T olive oil, 6T melted butter, 3T minced garlic, 3T Parmigiana Cheese, and 1T sea salt. Mixed well and baked at 375°F.

Coating with Olive Oil and other ingredients

I am tossing / flipping on my tray every 10 minutes. 30 minutes was sufficient.

On tray and going into oven

I have invented sourdough crack!

Croutons finished and out to cool

My wife agrees.

Her first comment was “We’re never buying croutons from the store again!”

Her next comment was harder to understand but I think she said “They’re addictive!”

I agree.

Published by Jim Hayden

Enterprise Transformation Consultant by day; Baker by night! Learning all the time! Iterative and incremental improvement always!

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