Sourdough Croissant Proving Experiment

Decided today to experiment with my proving length. A while back I had inadvertently lengthened my proving time (at that point 2 hours) to 4 hours. Those croissants weren’t “ruined” and actually caused me to intentionally prove for that length of time for batches since then. Earlier this week I saw an Instagram post byContinue reading “Sourdough Croissant Proving Experiment”

Trying a new method… (Part 4)

Well … they’re baked and it was a first attempt for sure! I had some interesting results for sure. I’m going to need to ponder, research and think a bit before my next attempt. All loaves came out different than I expected. All were moist (more so than normal). Tasted good with an OK crust.Continue reading “Trying a new method… (Part 4)”

Trying a new method… (Part 3)

Today is bake day! I’m excited but also apprehensive. Not quite sure how this will turn out. The oven has been preheated to 420°F (convection) with my Dutch oven and Challenger Bread Pan inside. The dough has visibly risen and the “finger test” seems to indicate it’s ready to go. Concerned a bit about howContinue reading “Trying a new method… (Part 3)”

Sourdough Croissant Observations

This morning I cut into a croissant that I baked yesterday afternoon (and ate it soon afterwards!) I’ve been trying my best to see what I can do to affect the cross-section crumb to get the “honeycomb” I see mores skilled bakers attain. On this last bake I had played with my lock-in technique. AndContinue reading “Sourdough Croissant Observations”

Technique Tweak Wasn’t a Fluke!

I was able to recreate similar oven bloom results applying the tweaks to my feeding and autolyse methods. The results from my experiment were NOT a fluke! Yay!! I’m pleased with these results and will continue to use them going forward as my “standard method”. Always learning…

Sourdough Experiment (Part 2)

Whoa! Nice oven spring!! I am VERY pleased with these results! I took the dough out of fridge at 8am, divided it and pre-shaped into rounds. Bench-rested for an hour covered with a towel before final shaping and then placing into bannetons. I then put the loaves into my proving box for another 1.5 hoursContinue reading “Sourdough Experiment (Part 2)”

Sourdough Croissants – Pushing the Envelope

Today I “pushed the envelope” on my final proof. To be honest, this whole batch is going to be suspect. My head wasn’t in the game due to work commitments et al. Had a really difficult time focusing. As a result I was impatient in my butter lock-in and shattered the butter. My folding/lamination wasContinue reading “Sourdough Croissants – Pushing the Envelope”

Sourdough Boules

Just finished baking some sourdough boules. This week I was playing with my bulk ferment, shaping and final proving to test some limits. Bulk ferment I pushed to 36+ hours. I divided and shaped into balls and bench rested for an hour. I then shaped into boules and proved at room temperature (72°F) for 2Continue reading “Sourdough Boules”

Sourdough Croissant (Inadvertent) Experiment

Well … today is an (inadvertent) sourdough croissant experiment! The variable I adjusted was proving time. Basically I forgot I had them in bags proving and got buried in client calls. Two hours later I go “Oh no!” Normally I take my croissants out of the fridge where I had left them covered in theContinue reading “Sourdough Croissant (Inadvertent) Experiment”

Unexpected Results

On my last post I described how I take copious notes and document so that I can learn. Well…. Here’s an example of what I mean. Same Recipe and Method. Same Dutch Ovens. Same temps and timing. The ONLY change is that I threw in a couple ice cubes into the Dutch Oven as IContinue reading “Unexpected Results”