Aliquot Jar Final (for now)

I’m liking this method of using an Aliquot jar. It is making my ability to judge the bulk fermentation much more consistent The use of the coil folds builds great structure. I am able to judge the gas expansion and I’m able to shape my loaves without affecting each negatively. Consistency of results are somethingContinue reading “Aliquot Jar Final (for now)”

Aliquot Jar (Continued)

I’m continuing to use an Aliquot Jar to measure my bulk prove timing. I’m getting a feel for what to expect. Being consistent in my method throughout the process is the key. After mixing my dough I get it into my tub and set a 30 minute timer. I cut off about 30g of theContinue reading “Aliquot Jar (Continued)”

Aliquot Jar Experiment

I’ve seen some posts recently about the use of Aliquot jars in sourdough baking. They are useful to judge your starter or when your bulk ferment is at the optimal time. “Well, why not experiment with that method?” I thought… Aliquot jars are narrow jars which allow you to see volume expansion readily since expansionContinue reading “Aliquot Jar Experiment”

Sourdough Babka

I’m continuing to try different breads and pastries leveraging my base croissant dough recipe. It made awesome cinnamon rolls…why not try a Babka (or at least my version of it)? I followed the same process I usually do for making my dough. Once it had risen yesterday I degassed it and put it in myContinue reading “Sourdough Babka”

Sourdough Bread – Coil Folding for strength

I’m alternating my approach (yet again). This time I’m going to bulk ferment in my proving box and doing coil folds. My method to this point is the same. Fed my starter in fridge. Made the levain (amount for recipe after it was fully activated. Mixed my flour and water and autolysed for a coupleContinue reading “Sourdough Bread – Coil Folding for strength”

Sourdough Bread w/ Inclusions

After that last bake (with the apparent over-proving) I HAD to do another. The first part of my hypothesis was a potentially weak starter due to sub-par flour. The second part was about the strength I built in shaping. What I didn’t include was the overall time in bulk fermenting nor the time on-counter resting.Continue reading “Sourdough Bread w/ Inclusions”

Sourdough Croutons

A warm oven and week old sourdough is a perfect opportunity for making croutons! Simply cut them up, toss in olive oil and seasoning and pop into oven to dry out after baking the bread for this week. Actually turned oven on a bit to make sure they got nice and crispy. Really a greatContinue reading “Sourdough Croutons”

Whoa! Something is Wrong!!

Yikes!! Something is off horribly! These are sad, sad loaves!! These loaves had limited, if any blooming at all. I suspected that this might be the case because when I put the dough into bulk ferment on Friday evening it just didn’t feel right. Possible issues: Weak Starter Poor strength in shaping Slash was incorrect/tooContinue reading “Whoa! Something is Wrong!!”

(Inadvertent) Sourdough Proving Experiment

Ok … yet another (inadvertent) experiment on my sourdough bread proving method. The experiment was prompted by my company having an all-weekend virtual offsite (aka Zoom marathon) I followed my normal method and had my bread going into a cold bulk ferment Friday evening. Saturday was a full day and not my normal pattern. IContinue reading “(Inadvertent) Sourdough Proving Experiment”

Sourdough – Trying Different Bulk Prove Method

Tried a new experimental with my bulk prove. Instead of my normal cold bulk for 24 hours I decided to bulk prove at 79°F in my proving box, shape then pick up my normal process again (e.g. cold retard in fridge overnight and bake the next morning) It was an experiment… Here is how theContinue reading “Sourdough – Trying Different Bulk Prove Method”