Aliquot Jar (Continued)

I’m continuing to use an Aliquot Jar to measure my bulk prove timing.

Bulk Prove has doubled

I’m getting a feel for what to expect.

Being consistent in my method throughout the process is the key.

After mixing my dough I get it into my tub and set a 30 minute timer. I cut off about 30g of the dough and stuff it into my Aliquot jar and mark where doubled will be (see pic above).

Once doubled I divide the dough. (This is made easier to do evenly because I’ve noted the gram weight of my tub in Sharpie on the bottom.) I preshape, bench rest for about 15 minutes to relax then final shape and place into my bannetons.

Sourdough Baked and cooling

What I’ve noticed so far…

  • Easier to shape …dough feels really nice
  • Slight prove (volume increase) during overnight retard in fridge
  • Slicing is easier with the dough chilled
  • Good blisters on surface
  • Overall bloom is less than some loaves I’ve done in past but it is still good
  • Ears are less pronounced
  • Crumb is nice
  • Mouthfeel is really soft/pleasant
Crumb shot (previous bake)

I’m pleased with these results and will continue experimenting song this method for the foreseeable future. My goal is to see if my overall results continue to be consistent.

Keep on practicing…

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Enterprise Transformation Consultant by day; Baker by night! Learning all the time! Iterative and incremental improvement always!

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