Sourdough Baguettes (Part 1)

I’ve decided that I will attempt sourdough baguettes. I have attempted years ago but felt that they were beyond my skill level as a baker and I would be better off going in a different direction at the time.

I think it is now time to master this loaf.

I’d been watching a cooking series on Netflix and Chad Robertson was in one of the episodes. He’s a noted artisan baker and author of Tartine Bread.

In subsequent posts I’ll describe my attempt at following his recipe and method. Suffice it to say my loaves in no way resembled his!!

My sad baguettes…

Without going into all the gory details my actual bake was the biggest culprit. Somehow I put out my gas oven when I added water for steam! Not sure how that occurred. Anyway it indicated “on” but was actually out and cooling the whole time (roughly 35 minutes at this point). I’d check the color and add more time but nothing was changing!!! Ahhhh!

I eventually got the oven back on and these were baked as I heated it to 450°F (Convection). I removed from the oven once it hit that temperature.

Well, there has to be a first attempt anytime you’re trying to learn and master something new…

…this will be fun!

Now to find some taste-testers!

Published by Jim Hayden

Enterprise Transformation Consultant by day; Baker by night! Learning all the time! Iterative and incremental improvement always!

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