Whoa! Something is Wrong!!

Yikes!! Something is off horribly!

These are sad, sad loaves!!

No bloom loaves!

These loaves had limited, if any blooming at all.

I suspected that this might be the case because when I put the dough into bulk ferment on Friday evening it just didn’t feel right.

Possible issues:

  • Weak Starter
  • Poor strength in shaping
  • Slash was incorrect/too deep
  • Any or all of the above

Weak starter is my hypothesis (with a secondary cause around shaping)

I normally feed my starter with a 50/50 mix of strong bread flour and whole wheat. I’m burning through some off-brand whole wheat flour I picked up during the “great COVID-19 flour shortage“. That may be affecting my starter.

Anyway… the first sting I’m going to do is feed my starter a couple times and see if I can get it more “active”. Then to bake some more loaves. If that doesn’t work I’m going to redo my 50/50 mix with the King Arthur Whole Wheat flour and get my starter conditioning to it again.

Challenges, challenges…

Published by Jim Hayden

Enterprise Transformation Consultant by day; Baker by night! Learning all the time! Iterative and incremental improvement always!

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