Sourdough Baguettes – Scaling Up

Need to practice scaling up my recipe and leveraging past lessons on temperature control. Better to try one batch at a time than to try scaling up three different bakes concurrently. THAT could be a disaster! Today it is baguettes. I’m going to double my recipe and aim for 10 baguettes. My decision to doubleContinue reading “Sourdough Baguettes – Scaling Up”

Limiting Mixer Use

I saw an Instagram post recently by Kristen Dennis @fullproofbaking. In her post she ran an experiment contrasting the use of her KitchenAid mixer vs hand folding. Her hypothesis was that the mixer resulted in a much tighter crumb structure and a more limited oven spring. The crumb structure she posted for her bread kneadedContinue reading “Limiting Mixer Use”

Sourdough Baguettes (Part 2)

Baguettes are something iconic and I’ve had a mental hurdle in front of me regarding attempting them. I find that a bit odd since I jumped right into making sourdough croissants! I was inspired watching Chad Robertson the other week. So I bought his book, read up on his baguette journey, recipe and method. NowContinue reading “Sourdough Baguettes (Part 2)”

Aliquot Jar Final (for now)

I’m liking this method of using an Aliquot jar. It is making my ability to judge the bulk fermentation much more consistent The use of the coil folds builds great structure. I am able to judge the gas expansion and I’m able to shape my loaves without affecting each negatively. Consistency of results are somethingContinue reading “Aliquot Jar Final (for now)”

What a difference a year makes!

I was reminded this morning about how change and progress does take time. You may not see the progress from day-to-day or even week by week. However, if you persist and apply change does happen. My reminder was in the form of a “Memory” from a year ago on Facebook. The memory was of aContinue reading “What a difference a year makes!”

Sourdough Bread w/ Inclusions

After that last bake (with the apparent over-proving) I HAD to do another. The first part of my hypothesis was a potentially weak starter due to sub-par flour. The second part was about the strength I built in shaping. What I didn’t include was the overall time in bulk fermenting nor the time on-counter resting.Continue reading “Sourdough Bread w/ Inclusions”

Roasted Red Pepper-Jarlsberg Cheese Sourdough

I’m trying out some new breads with inclusions. Thinking that I’d like to add some additional loaves to my repertoire and “dial them in”. Thought I’d try a roasted red pepper/Jarlsberg cheese recipe. The red pepper was intentional (went to store and bought a jar). The cheese not so much … I had a pieceContinue reading “Roasted Red Pepper-Jarlsberg Cheese Sourdough”

Turmeric-Cinnamon Sourdough (Part 2)

Today is bake day for my Turmeric-Cinnamon loaf experiment. I’ve baked my normal loaves first. A chia-covered Boule and a regular Batard. They came out nicely. As the loaves above were baking I pulled out the banneton with the Turmeric-cinnamon dough. As expected it wasn’t filling the banneton as full as the other loaves. IContinue reading “Turmeric-Cinnamon Sourdough (Part 2)”

Creating a Sourdough Starter (Part 2)

I am (finally) going to continue my thread on creating a sourdough starter. Happy to actually do this given that 10 days ago I totaled my motorcycle on a winding rode in western Georgia. God’s grace alone that I “walked away” and am not in the ICU or the morgue! Where I left off IContinue reading “Creating a Sourdough Starter (Part 2)”