Warning: Non-baking related!!

I’m excited!

For those of you who have followed me for a while you’re aware that 18 months ago I flipped my motorcycle at 50+ mph and walked away from it.

God was really gracious and I’m thankful!!

After a lot of consideration (and with the loving approval of my wife) I made the decision to ride again…but 3 wheels, not 2 going forward.

My new trike conversion is finally ready!!

Indian Roadmaster Trike

This is such a big thing for me to “get back on the horse” as it were.

Will start slow and approach it “iteratively & incrementally” as I get back on.

Just sharing…

Published by Jim Hayden

Enterprise Transformation Consultant by day; Baker by night! Learning all the time! Iterative and incremental improvement always!

One thought on “Warning: Non-baking related!!

  1. We share your excitement and could not be happier for you! Wow, she’s a beauty and we look forward to her arrival, more photos of the new baby and the many adventures and memories that await!

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