Sourdough Croissant Proving Experiment

I’m running an experiment with my proving my sourdough croissants prior to baking.

Out to prove

My experiment is to prove them about 40% longer than my habit. Basically going from 5 to 7 hours.

Typically I put them into the oven 5 hours after pulling them from my fridge and placing them in proving bags to rise.

This time I’m going to add two more hours. And it’s killing me… ha!

Croissants after 5 hours rising

My intent is to see what impact I have on the crumb structure. Croissants are notoriously bad heat conductors and it takes time for the interior to prove. The impact is that the outside looked ready but the interior remains tight.

I’d like to see if there is a difference if I wait another couple of hours.

After proving 7 hours

I proved the sourdough croissants for seven hours. This is 40% more time than I typically prove before baking. I did this at room temp in my house 72°F today.

I’m baked them for 14.5 minutes at 385°F (convection).

Here are the results:

Freshly baked Sourdough Croissants
5 Hour vs 7 Hour Proving

Overall I’m pleased with the results. It looks like I have a better prove in the center of the croissant at the very closest part of the spiral. The butter didn’t seem to melt any different and the coloring of the overall croissant I’m pleased with from the bake.

BTW It smells (and tastes) heavenly!!!!

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