New Recipe

I thought I’d try some different loaves using a mix of flours…

Why? You ask…

Well… I redid my pantry right before Thanksgiving and there was total chaos downstairs as I ripped out the contractor-grade wire shelving. During that process I found some 00 flour I had forgot I had. Then I saw an Instagram post where someone had used 00 flour in a loaf they made. I saw their baker’s percentages and thought “Why not?!”

Bakers’s Percentages

  • 00 Tipo flour 40%
  • Strong Bread flour 42.5%
  • Whole Wheat flour 15%
  • AP Flour 2.5%

Total of the above for this bake was 1000g (400, 425, 150 and 25)

I add 66% sourdough starter (100% hydration), 24g of salt and 585g of water.

Technically, if you include the starter amounts my total flour is 1330g and water is 915g so my hydration is 69% salt is 1.8%.


I fed my starter this morning 1:1:1 starter/water/flour and put in my proving box at 84°F. It will sit there around 4 hours and double + in volume.

About an hour before I anticipate mixing in my active starter I’ll begin my autolyse adding 104°F to my room temperature flour and get it just over my desired dough temperature of 84°F. Typically it will be around 94°F and cool off over the hour.

Dough autolyse

I’ll mix in my starter then mix in my salt about 25 mins later. Then the dough is going to go into my tub / proving box to begin a series of coil and stretch folds every 30 mins over the first 90 mins.

Letting the dough bulk prove until roughly doubled in size. Once there I’ll divide shape and bulk longer at room temperature until this evening (probably until about 9pm and then bake).

Shaped, in bannetons and in proving box

I divided the loaves into two 1100g loaves, preshaping into rounds, rested for 15 minutes then final shaped into bannetons. I rolled them in rice flower to prevent them from sticking.

I had thought to bulk ferment in bannetons for a bit. Guess I could bulk ferment on my counter but I decided to go into my box instead. I’ll bake them later this evening.

A couple hours of bulk ferment

I don’t normally bake my loaves right after a bulk ferment in my box. Normally I let them ferment a longer time in my fridge. However, my fridge is full with Thanksgiving leftovers.

I baked at 450°F covered in my Dutch Ovens for 25 minutes . Pulled the covers and baked for a bit more (roughly 10 minutes). I put them on a cold stone to protect the bottom but allow a richer color overall.

Oven spring was really great! Good color. Not much dimpling since the outer layer wasn’t cold like it is coming out of the fridge.

Crumb Shot of Loaf

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