Sourdough Pain Au Chocolat and Kouign Amann

Baked Sourdough Pain Au Chocolat and Kouign Amann.

Pastries are cooling

I hadn’t made these I a bit and my wife really likes the Pain Au Chocolat.

They all start out with same laminated dough as my Sourdough Croissants. Different shape and inclusion of the chocolate for the Pain Au Chocolat and sugar for the Kouign Amann.

I have found that Cacao Barry Bittersweet Chocolate is the best. I buy mine on Amazon.

Bittersweet Chocolat

The bittersweet chocolat works well and doesn’t melt and ooze out. I roll in two bars and then a third as I finish the rolling.

My Kouign Amann doesn’t have sugar laminated inside. I go “low tech”. When making mine I just sprinkle on some sugar and pat it on. I smear the inside of a muffin tin with softened butter and coat that with sugar. The laminated dough is cut into 4” squares, pushed into each space and the four corners folded into the center. I sprinkle a bit more sugar on top. That’s it.

I proved each in a proving bag for a couple of hours and then baked at 385°F. The Pain Au Chocolat went for roughly 13.5 minutes. The Kouign Amann for a bit longer. I kept on opening the oven to check them and, as a result, dumped the heat multiple times. I just didn’t want to burn them!

Once baked I glazed them with apricot jam while they were in the tins. I left them in the tin for 4 minutes before removing. Next time I’ll only wait three minutes. They were beginning to cool and harden…want to get them out just a bit sooner to make them easier to remove.

BTW they tasted AWESOME!! Both my wife and I sheepishly looked at each other after we (evidently) wolfed them down! Ha!

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Enterprise Transformation Consultant by day; Baker by night! Learning all the time! Iterative and incremental improvement always!

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