How to Recover from Broken Butter…

Broken butter when making laminated dough is my nemesis…

…actually it’s my impatience and not consistently waiting for it to be the right temperature and malleable that’s the culprit.

Last batch I had HORRIBLY broken butter. I was so excited to use my new dough sheeter that EVERY lesson I’d learned about butter simply vanished from my thought. Ouch!

Way to cold/firm butter about to get shattered!

Fortunately… the cling wrap hides the evidence pretty well (in the photo)!

Shattered dreams!

Well… what does one do in this situation?

My solution: make Kouign-Amann!

Kouign-Amann cooling

I buttered and coated with sugar large muffin tins (12 spaces). I then cut 4.5” squares out of my dough. Because I hadn’t included sugar in my last fold I dusted what would be the interior with sugar and then folded them into the muffin tray.

Folding them in was accomplished by taking the four corners and pressing them into the center.

I proofed the trays in my proving bags for about 4.5 hours. Any corners that had “escaped” the center got pushed back into place.

Baked at 350°F for ~ 14 minutes. Note: I had meant to cook them at 350°F convection….

Because I was cooking about 20°F lower than planned I ended up leaving in longer to get a nice color on top.

Once baked I removed them to cool on the rack. I glazed them with Apricot jam while warm.

Delicious recovery!!

Published by Jim Hayden

Enterprise Transformation Consultant by day; Baker by night! Learning all the time! Iterative and incremental improvement always!

One thought on “How to Recover from Broken Butter…

  1. My nemesis too!! I find it’s the challenge between keeping the butter at the right temperature to be malleable and the dough cool. A slightly tougher dough seems to help. I’m used to handling wet dough so often get this bit wrong.

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