Sourdough Panettone II (2nd Dough)

2nd Dough Shaped

Today is baking day! First I have to make the 2nd Dough. The first dough rose 3X and I’m very pleased!

I then slowly started to layer in the ingredients. First the flour, then Castor Sugar, Honey/citrus zest, salt, egg yolks, butter and finally, dried fruit.

This process took MUCH longer than last time since I was following (as best I could with my KitchenAid mixer) the schedule/technique of the Milanese bakery. I did the flour alone for 15 minsters and then on 2-4 minute intervals everything else.

Here is a glimpse of that process:

After mixing I transferred the dough to a tub for 20 mins to let rest. I don’t suppose I needed to transfer since my mixer bowl fits in my proving box. However, the Milanese bakers took their dough out and put it in a huge plastic tub … so I blindly did the same. Ha!

Resting for 20 minutes

Per their technique/timing I let the 2nd Dough rest for 20 minutes before separating into two 1100g pieces. Note that the recipe makes 1100g pieces wet because of about 10% loss during the bake. Trying for a 1kg final bake weight.

I preshaped them into two rounds and waited another 20 mins to let a skin form on the surface before final shaping into boules and placing them into the cardboard ramekins to prove for 6 hours at 85°F.

I’ll show the results of the final proof & bake in my next post.

[To be continued…]

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Enterprise Transformation Consultant by day; Baker by night! Learning all the time! Iterative and incremental improvement always!

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