Pasta Madre (Day 4)

Today is the day! One last feeding today to be ready for mixing Dough #1 for my next attempt at Panettone.

Pasta Madre bursting at seams

Tying this bundle up was interesting. It got REALLY hard until the bag popped and some of the pressure was relieved. I’m m not sure if the softer feel was due to the pressure release of it backing off the height of Bacteria activity. Probably both.

My panettone recipe calls for making the first dough and letting it prove overnight. The Italian bakery in Milan (the traditional home of Panettone Classico) says they prove for 12 hours at 27°C (80.6°F)

I’m going to mix my dough starting after 7pm tonight so it will be ready for me at 8am tomorrow morning.

Might as well do one more feeding to get my Pasta Madre all revved up.

I fed and followed my same routine as yesterday’s feeding. The only difference being it was MUCH harder to extract from the baggie.

This time I thought I’d store in water. I’d seen this done in some YouTube videos. At the beginning it sinks to the bottom and rises as it proves.

In water at 1130

Here is what it looks like at 4pm

Pasta Madre at 4pm

I’m excited about how this is turning out. My Pasta Madre should be MUCH better than my initial attempt (which is arguably NOT Pasta Madre).

I’ve loads of other technique improvements I’m going to be adjusting for in this next attempt at Panettone. I’ll add an updated picture of my final Pasta Madre before I make the dough. Hopefully I’ll have some residual that I can feed yet again and then put in fridge.

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