Pasta Madre (Day 1)

If you read my last post about attempting Panettone for the first time you’d have seen the quote about if your Pasta Madre wasn’t on point than it didn’t matter what recipe you used…your results would just be less than desired.

Pasta Madre Day 1

My panettone first attempt, while delicious, was anything but pretty. Actually, it wasn’t bad. Just not what I want.

Learning opportunity.

My wife just shakes her head as I scour over YouTube videos and take notes.

I’m found this Japanese baker who had a pretty straightforward (I thought) process to make Pasta Madre so I thought I’d try it out. You can find that video here: How To Make Pasta Madre


  • 20g Sourdough Starter
  • 50g Water
  • 100g Bread flour
  • 1T Honey
Adding Ingredients

I mixed this all together and then kneaded it for a bit. Afterwards I rolled it up and cut a “+” in the top.

Kneaded and cut

I then put it into a cup, placed a lid loosely on top and the into my proving box it went at 84°F. It will be here for the next 24 hours.

And now a 24 hour timer begins…

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