Sourdough Baguettes – Attempt #3

Well trying again…. This is already turning out interesting.

Mixed the Poolish and Levain today and decided to make the temp of the mix 80°F.

My flour was 74.5°F I thought I’d make the water temp 85°F. Both weights of flour and water were 200g … the average would be ~ 80°F.

I microwaved my water and got it too hot (96°F). I cooled down to 88°F with an ice cube. Frankly, I got impatient. Anyway, the resulting temps were 83°F. Pretty close…

I dropped them both into my proving box at 80°F

Poolish and Leaven Mixed

Here’s the wrinkle…

At 0930 (1 hour 15 minutes later) my Poolish is almost 1.5x bigger and my leaven is maybe 10% grown! Oops.

About an hour later

This was me not carefully following method.

If I’d read more closely I would have noted I should have used 75°F for the Poolish and 80°F for the Leaven. I should also have had them NOT in the Proving Box…do them at room temp.

The result would be them growing at a closer rate.

I autolysed my main flour and I’ll mix it all together earlier. I’ll see how the bulk ferment turns out.

Autolyse Flour

Will just have to flex…

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