No mixer used at all…

This time I made bread by hand without using my KitchenAid mixer at all

Sourdough bread cooling

I went straight to my tub and mixed the flour and water to begin the Autolyse process. using my Swedish dough hook I mixed in the water, formed a ball, spritzed with water and covered with cling wrap.

Mixed and covered with cling wrap

I’ve mentioned before about how extensible the dough becomes after a few hours. Don’t believe I’ve ever posted a video to show. Check this out:

Dough Extensibility after Autolyse

I mixed in my leaven by hand (quite gooey). As part of the first coil fold I mixed in the salt. After that I coil folded the dough every 30-40 or so (4x total). After that I left it to bulk rise judging using my Aliquot jar.

Using Aliquot Jar

Once bulk finished I split the dough, preshaped and let bench rest for 30 minutes. I then shaped into Boules (rounds) and plopped them into their bannetons to rest covered in the fridge overnight.

The dough was noticeably more pillowy during shaping.

I scored and baked in the morning. I did realize that I needed to swap out my razor blade. Slashing was more difficult than normal. I think that is the reason for less bloom on the left loaf bread n the first picture.

I’ll update with a crumb shot later after they cool. I’m very interested in the crumb structure.

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Enterprise Transformation Consultant by day; Baker by night! Learning all the time! Iterative and incremental improvement always!

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